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NEOMA Business School has made a strong commitment. No student admitted to the school should have to give up their studies for financial reasons. The Scholarships, Grants and Partnerships Centre department is here to help you find all the solutions to financing your studies. Details of the measures in place:

State Scholarships

Depending on your parents' income, you may be eligible for a CROUS State Scholarship. Calculated according to tax return forms (or non-taxation notices), this system gives access to 7 levels of aid from €1009 to €5551.

To apply you must request an application form from your local CROUS (Reims, Rouen or Paris) office. If your application is accepted, CROUS will provide you with a "conditional notification". This certificate must be sent back to the School's Scholarships, Grants and Partnerships Department.

"Specific Assistance" grants also exist in the form of an annual allocation or specific one-off support. For more information: > Click here 

NEOMA BS Scholarships and funding

Depending on the level assigned to you by CROUS, you will automatically benefit from a partial tuition fee exemption of up to 55% when you join NEOMA.

Pourcentage d'abattement sur les frais de scolarité valable pour l'année scolaire 2019/2020
  Échelons de bourses CROUS
 0 bis1234567
PGE 1st year
BRM – ECAL 1st year
CESEM 1st to 4th years
GBBA 1st and 2nd years
TEMA 1st à 5th years
5% 5% 5% 10% 20% 30% 45% 55%

The following students are eligible: Master in Management: 1st year, CESEM: from 1st to 4th year, GBBA: 1st and 2nd year, TEMA: from 1st to 5th year, BRM-ECAL 1st year students paying tuition fees, not including those repeating a year.

To eliminate any source of stress, NEOMA BS is an adept of the "No nasty surprises!" approach and is committed to ensuring that you have a clear idea of the amount of your scholarship as far in advance as possible of your arrival at school.

Once you know the final amount, you will certainly need to take out a student loan. NEOMA BS has established special partnerships for its students, which will enable you to obtain student loans at preferential rates. In addition, the school has reached a special agreement with BRED Banque Populaire. This agreement allows students, following a means test, to take out a loan without the need for a third-party guarantee to finance tuition fees and related costs (rent, internships abroad, etc.). For more information on unsecured loans, refer to page 13 of the Finance Guide, or contact Marylou RAVELOSON - by phone : +33 (0)1 56 71 67 56 - or by email.

For more information about BRED Banque Populaire's financing scheme : click here 

Please note: The Welcome Days scheduled for July 17 on the Paris campus and July 13 and 20 on the Rouen and Reims campuses provide you with the opportunity to meet our partner banks to discuss the best way to finance your projects!

Alternative Scholarships

Each year, NEOMA BS also nominates 6 Master in Management students (3 in Rouen and 3 in Reims) for the Jacques Lambert Foundation Scholarship of Excellence. This foundation awards a scholarship of 2500€ to French students during their first-year at Business School.

For students with disabilities, other financial assistance possibilities exist, such as the FEDEH scholarship, the Mission Handicap Insurance scholarship and the AMOPA scholarships. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Scholarships, Grants and Partnerships department. Or consult the Finance Guide for more practical information.
Do not hesitate to contact your local authorities, departments and regions, who often have solutions available to finance your studies. Works Councils also offer scholarships. A word of advice: ask your family and friends!

You can access all the practical information in the Finance Guide

Any questions? Feel free to contact the Scholarships, Grants and Partnerships department: bourses.aides.partenariats@neoma-bs.fr