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A graduate in 2017 with an Advanced Masters in Corporate Communications Strategies from NEOMA Business School, and today a consultant at Adone Conseil, Anna de Tullio was named winner of the M2 Qanti award at the 12th edition of the Trophées des Études.

The 12th Trophées des Etudes ceremony organized by Syntec Études and Concepteurs d'Avenirs was held in Paris on Tuesday, November 6. These two organisations work together on a daily basis to bring the worlds of education and market research closer together. The Study Awards (Trophées des Études) were created to create links between students, their training and sector experts. The prizes acknowledge dissertations, internship reports and other M1/M2 research work on marketing or market studies. Anna entered her professional dissertation entitled "To what extent would emotional targeting, based on a person's initial emotion before viewing an ad, improve the effectiveness of display advertising?" The objective was to examine the implementation of an advertising targeting system based on consumers' emotions. The research certainly appealed to the jury!

"I couldn't believe it was my name when the winner was announced. It really was a surprise! I worked hard because my subject was really passionate, but I didn't expect this at all. The jury mentioned that they wanted to acknowledge the risk I took. Through my research, I came up with an idea for a new concept that I wanted to test. I like being innovative and going off the beaten track. It was not easy, but I managed to follow my idea through by highlighting some interesting and promising correlations, if they turn out to be confirmed by additional studies," Anna points

A prize that recognizes the programme's customised approach

For 15 years, the MS Corporate Communication has been training experts thanks to an adapted and reinvented teaching approach that seeks to meet the needs of companies and their new challenges. The result is a powerful network and graduates who are well -positioned on the market. The MS Corporate Communication dissertation is one example of the NEOMA BS aim to provide students with the knowledge and know-how that are in line with the needs of the professional world.

"The professional dissertation involves adopting a scientific approach in response to an issue that concerns advertisers and agencies. This is an essential task for our students as it enables them to broaden their expertise and gain a better understanding of corporate communication methods,"  explains Pierrick Gomez, MS/MSc Corporate Communication director at NEOMA BS.