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Study tour in Champagne

Published on 27 July 2022 by NEOMA

  • School life

In early July, NEOMA hosted a group of students from SP Jain School of Global Management – Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore and Sydney.

The study tour was organised in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, an academic partner of NEOMA Business School.

During this summer session, a day in Champagne gave the group the chance to discover the beauty and legacy of the Champagne region.

The students were warmly welcomed to two Champagne houses: Champagne Devavry in Champillon, through the collaboration with Valentin Musset from Sparkling Tour – Oenotourisme en Champagne, and Champagne Bollinger in Aÿ.

Associate partner

drapeau IT

Politecnico di Milano

Milan, Italy