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Anne Prevost-Bucchianeri and François Pottier, Professors with the Department of Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs, address 1st year business school students and others interested in learning more about the workings of a company.

The book, « Réussir ma 1re année d’école de commerce », coordinated by Anne Prevost-Bucchianeri and François Pottier, is the result of a collaboration between 10 NEOMA teachers, all passionate about teaching and the success of their students: Marc de Bourmont, François Courtheroux, Ilyess El Karouni, François Facchini, Nathalie Janson, Emmanouela Mandalaki, Marie-Claire Niort and Marie-Michèle Vassiliou.

It is an invaluable resource for all first-year business school students and for anybody who may be interested in learning about company operations.

The book has been designed as a genuine academic resource and also includes a practical case study. This exercise means the various theoretical approaches can be applied in practice, whilst breaking barriers between the various disciplines covered: economic science, law, marketing approach, quantitative methods, general accounting, management accounting, financial analysis and strategy, organisational behaviour,” says Anne Prevost-Bucchianeri

The long academic and professional experience of the teachers who worked on the book means their teaching approach is particularly suitable for students. “The combination of theory and practice means that our new book is perfectly in line with the knowledge required by first year students,” adds François Pottier.

The authors hope their readers enjoy a pleasant journey of discovery into the world of business!

Réussir ma 1re année d’école de commerce : Tout comprendre du fonctionnement et de la gestion d’une entreprise
EMS Editions
November 19, 2020