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Thematics :

This September, third year students in the NEOMA BS Bachelor programme were able to benefit from the expertise of professionals who came to speak as part of the Supply Chain Management Course.

On Monday 16 September, Robin Poté, director of CRITT T&L (Centre for Transfer and Innovation in Transport and Logistics, based in Le Havre), spoke to the third year Bachelor students on the  Supply Chain Management Track, coordinated by Jérôme VERNY. Robin shared his experience through real-life case studies on the topic of sustainable development in Supply Chain Management.


On Wednesday 18 September, Xavier Wanderpepen, Commercial Manager at Captrain (a subsidiary of  SNCF Freight), spoke to the second year Bachelor students on the Supply Chain Management Track coordinated by Jérôme VERNY. In this presentation, Xavier Wanderpepen gave students better understanding of rail operation techniques. He illustrated his speech with case studies and his everyday experience in international rail freight management.


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