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A first-year student in the CESEM programme at NEOMA and a high-level western horsewoman, Swann receives special planning for her studies. She shares her story here.

I’m currently a high-level athlete in western horse riding, which allows me to receive special scheduling at NEOMA, in particular I have the option of changing my school hours if I have regular training. I also receive medial monitoring at the school’s health service. I’m excused from school when I need to leave for competitions, and this allows me to still have a good attendance record and follow my courses while continuing to pursue my sport.

How was your special studies planning set up?

I enquired at the Wellness Centre at NEOMA. I needed to present a document from my sport federation that certified my status as a high-level athlete to receive specific planning based on my needs.

Right now everything is working out. I don’t worry when I have to go to competitions. The school is very understanding.

What problems have you encountered while studying and having a career in sport at the same time? How does NEOMA’s studies modification help you?

I know that when the season starts, I will have to go abroad for competitions and I’ll have to train more often. I’m worried about having trouble taking my courses, but I think that it will still be doable. It will be very time-consuming, but I think that with the modified course scheduling and organisation, it will work out.

What benefits do you get from this dual activity?

Personally, I’m very happy that I didn’t have to sacrifice my passion for my studies. I was very scared of that, and I was relieved by the fact that there was an option in place for this type of situation. I love being able to pursue my sport without having it affect my studies, which had always been the case until now.

Professionally, there are many advantages. I can prioritise and organise my training, assume more responsibility and become more versatile. Everything is worthwhile and enriching.

Any advice for students who would like to take the same path?

Get to it, even if you’re not sure. I think that when you become involved in this type of discipline the best thing is to be organised from the start. But even if that’s not the case, it’s not that bad because by juggling school and sport, you get used to it and end up doing it naturally.


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