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A new student welfare initiative has been set up on the 3 NEOMA campuses. Entitled "WellNess", this free service is open to all-comers and offers a wide range of services by a team of professionals designed to provide support and assistance to students.

NEOMA has always paid particular attention to the well-being of students on its campuses. For many years, the School has provided personalised support to students with disabilities, psychological assistance when requested and also has an anti-violence unit.
However, a number of factors has led NEOMA to develop a new and comprehensive service called "WellNess". The aim of this initiative is to ensure the physical and psychological well-being of students.

Student malaise is a reality that needs to be addressed

“Reports from both the French Observatory of Student Life (OVE) and the Centre for Preventive Medicine in Rouen indicate that the number of cases is on the increase and lead to the same conclusion – that malaise among students in France is growing,” explains Matthieu LUCAS, Head of the Scholarships, Grants and Partnerships department.
“The reports highlight a number of areas for concern: health problems, peer pressure, lack of sleep, stress, etc. We wanted to carry out an internal analysis to verify the figures. A survey was sent to our students at the end of the year and the findings confirm the results of the previously mentioned reports. We therefore felt that is was our responsibility to find an appropriate response and provide NEOMA BS students with the best possible support.”

A comprehensive student support service

The WellNess initiative is designed to provide more pragmatic responses than simply suggesting remedial action by proposing holistic and preventive care. Self-confidence, health, nutrition, the importance of physical activity, advice on sound financial management, sexuality or struggles with addiction - WellNess provides a framework in which students can talk about these issues in detail.


A clear plan of action is being put into place on our campuses. After a smoke-free November, December focused on sexuality. Information workshops concerning the importance of HIV testing and protection against sexually transmitted diseases were held for students. For January, the focus is on stress management with the aim of providing students with the resources and means to deal with their emotions more effectively.
In addition to these workshops, a course in Sophrology has been made available, free of charge, on the Rouen and Reims campuses.
"WellNess will help the students to develop their true potential, learn how to manage their stress more effectively and improve their lifestyle through good mental and physical health," adds Christine CAZOR, project manager.

MGEL – WellNess partner

WellNess is run by the Scholarships, Grants and Partnerships department at NEOMA which has the task of developing partnerships with internal and external stakeholders to offer the best, most cost-effective and innovative mind-body services for the entire NEOMA student community.
Such is the case of MGEL, a long-standing partner of the school, and who is already involved in many aspects of student life at NEOMA, such as housing, complementary health care and international mobility.
“MGEL was very enthusiastic about WellNess," says Christine Cazor. "The company has made expert health advisers available to provide students with risk-prevention information, free of charge, in the form of 5 themed activities on the Rouen and Reims campuses.”.