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On 12 September 2016, Vitalie Taittinger, Marketing and Communication Director of Taittinger Champagne, was alongside Frank Bostyn, Dean of NEOMA Business School, on our Reims campus, to sign the partnership agreement that links the Champagne House to our School for the MSc in International Luxury Management (IMLUX) programme.

This partnership will enable NEOMA Business School to develop its expertise in the luxury industry and to propose guest speakers, case studies and site visits to make the curriculum particularly practical and closely related to the challenges of the luxury sector. The partnership also confirms the School’s close links with the local area. Meanwhile Taittinger Champagne, by working closely with NEOMA BS, will be able to train recruits who are more aware of the unique features of the luxury industry and will therefore be operational more quickly. The champagne house will also be able to strengthen its brand image with young consumers and the whole NEOMA Business School community.
Our MSc in International Luxury Management is a perfect example of the quality of the education offered at NEOMA Business School and its international dimension” explains Frank Bostyn, Dean of NEOMA Business School. “This programme will host 59 students this year, of 27 different nationalities! The partnership with Taittinger Champagne is a superb opportunity for our students to benefit from both the School’s academic rigour and the expertise of a strong, internationally renowned brand.”
The partnership is inspiring for Taittinger insofar as this programme trains students to adapt to real business situations, by endeavouring to determine what gives value to products at every stage from product design to distribution” continues Vitalie Taittinger, Marketing and Communication Director at Taittinger. “It will establish a joint reflection between the students and ourselves, enabling us to take a step back from everyday operations, to be more objective and to obtain answers to our problems.  The students will have very concrete responsibilities; these might involve changes to the presentation of our products and the suitability of our communication.”

After signing the agreement, Vitalie Taittinger spoke to the new MSc IMLUX students, presenting the Taittinger champagne house, its history, the development of the brand, and then gave them a message of encouragement for the intensive year of studies they face. Finally, she kindly agreed to join the students for their class photo.
The MSc in International Luxury Management is a one-year programme developed alongside a prestigious partner school - MIP Politecnico di Milano – leading to a double-degree. Students spend six months in Reims and then six months in Milan, and in each city a prestigious corporate partner is involved in the programme: Gucci in Milan and Taittinger in Reims. The aim of the programme is to help students understand, create and manage value in the luxury industry.

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