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Thematics :

Talent & Career Development Unit Career Services teams, went to London for three days as representatives of the School.

On the programme for their trip to the UK:

  •   Company visits to Bloomberg, Christie’s, Leonteq Securities, CCFGB, Brand Formula Consulting and Ardian, among others
  •   Meetings with interns to check on the contents of their missions and how they are enjoying work
  •   Discussions with Alumni based in the UK capital about the characteristics of different jobs, and meetings with HR managers about their recruitment needs. 

The meetings provided an opportunity to promote NEOMA BS and the quality of our students to a variety of different audiences.
In coordination with NEOMA Alumni Association, an after-work event was also organised, and more than 40 alumni and interns accepted our invitation.
During the enjoyable event, participants discussed the new strategic orientations of NEOMA BS and the innovative work of the T&CDU, in which everyone can be involved.