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The Crédit Agricole Banking Group welcomed TEMA 1 students on le 21 September for a visit to its innovation village (a business incubator dedicated to the economic development of startup companies and innovative projects).

The visit was part of TECHTOUR 2015-16.
TECHTOUR is a series of company visits that aims to introduce first-year students to firms in every sector that use new technologies.
During forthcoming visits, the students will discover EDF and its Chooz nuclear power station, Reims Métropole recycling centre, Nicolas Feuillatte Champagne and Atos Consulting.
TEMA is the NEOMA Business School programme for management, technology, and innovative project leadership. This post-high school five-year programme offers alternative teaching methods in which students use everyday business practices.

TECHTOUR I organised in partnership with NEOMA BS support services, whose purpose is to support students throughout their study programme and career development.  The TCDU (Talent & Career Development Unit), Corporate Relations department and TEMA programme work together to immerse students in business situations, facilitating their entry onto the job market as early as the first year of their studies.

“Two points in particular made this visit very interesting for me.
First, the fact that it is possible to join a company that brings together several startup firms was new to me. Coming from a university background before joining TEMA, I had no idea of what entrepreneurship is about, and I don’t think I was alone in this. The great majority of students in my year have come straight from high school, and so we had no idea how to set up a firm, how to go about it and when. Having the possibility to question entrepreneurs in our age group was very inspiring.

Second, the ides of showing us a new technology Startup working on a product for the future was an excellent one on the part of the programme management. At TEMA we are particularly interested in this type of firm, as our studies bring together new technology, business and entrepreneurship.” says Jayson SOKOLOWSKI, first-year TEMA student

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