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Thematics :

The TEDx conference format provides eighteen minutes to share an idea, journey or vision. On 4 March, the NEOMA student society Déclic Entreprendre organised an evening event in Rouen with the theme “Rethinking Power”.

In front of no less than eighty people, four speakers took turns presenting on the stage for the 2022 TEDx Square Verdrel. Here’s a look back.



guillaume tartar
The speaker Guillaume Tartar, creator of Artgapi, tries to make art more accessible with his marketplace.
Pascale Abekhzer, a synergologist, analyses the power of non-verbal communication.
Wallerand Moules-Berteaux, serial entrepreneur, did not go to university, but he knows how to make his own luck.
Adrian Vallecchia, expert in cybersecurity at Devoteam, explained how having the keys to the digital world is having the keys to power.
tedX Rouen Déclic Entreprendre
Déclic Entreprendre team oversaw this TED x Square Verdrel (Rouen). Among them was Yohann Fernandez (president), Elias Duroselle (vice president), Hugo Durand (vice president), Arthur Gachet (student society member).


The NEOMA students worked for twelve months on this project.

“It was thrilling,” Elias Duracell, society vice president, said. “It was the major project of my time in as vice president, and took one year of hard work, four of them intensive, with the results in a couple of hours.”