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Justin Charpentier, a future graduate of TEMA, is already a business leader: along with three partners, he has created Maille Attitude, a start-up that produces textiles à la carte. He has already taken on two TEMA graduates.

The TEMA programme has enabled me to get started with the tools I need to bring my project to life in the best conditions possible. For example, the Negotiation classes proved really useful for the deals I was able to do within my business,” Justin explains.

Vincent Coiffe was a student at TEMA when Justin recruited him as Business Developer intern, with the job of launching the Maille Attitude project. When Vincent graduated in 2017, he was immediately taken on and now takes care of the commercial side of the business. For him the ‘learning by doing’ method is one of TEMA’s strong points.
At TEMA, solutions do not fall into your lap, you have to really put your brain to work! Both in class and in group work, we grow our skills and are constantly challenging each other. In a start-up, this method really comes into its own! Because I had gained this flexibility, I was able to play a full part in the adventure of this business from the very beginning, and then evolve along with my projects!

And when asked why he looked to recruit TEMA graduates, Justin says, “As I have been able to find out myself through my own experience, people from TEMA can adapt to any situation, and very fast! What’s more, thanks to all the group work at TEMA, we have learned to value the skills of each person in order to be a creative team. I am convinced that strength lies in synergy and that’s how we work in my business (www.maille-attitude.fr).”

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