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Thematics :

TEMA, a 5-year post-baccalaureate management and technology programme, is strengthening its commitment to the development of hybrid and multidisciplinary skills with the evolution of a triple competency-based curriculum centred around management, digital and creativity.

"TEMA is celebrating its 20th anniversary and, in a profoundly changing technological environment, it is evolving to train agile and creative managers for the digital age, capable of both creating their own start-ups and assisting organisations with their major digital transformations," explains Anne-Laure Hérard, Programme Director.
It is in this context that the programme has expanded to include 2 dual-degrees in 5th year:
• Advanced Master in Technology & Management with CentraleSupélec
• The University Diploma "Innovation & Entrepreneurship" with the Troyes University of Technology (UTT) - Shanghai campus

TEMA is also innovating by adding a non-management exchange semester in a digital or creativity field to its curriculum. This compulsory feature will be available from the start of the next school year, aiming to encourage cross-fertilisation and allowing students to gain experience with digital or creativity experts. "This academic semester at renowned institutions is totally complementarity with the teaching received at NEOMA and will significantly strengthen the students' blended skills and provide them with a real experience of the culture of these new environments," insists Anne-Laure Hérard.

This non-management exchange semester can be carried out with:
The University of Technology of Troyes, EPITECH (Coding Academy) or CESI for a technology and engineering exchange.
The ESADHaR (the Ecole Supérieure d’Art et Design Le Havre-Rouen), or ISEM (ESMOD grou^p) for a creative-oriented exchange.

In addition, a new work-study programme will be available in the 4th and 5th year, alternating between 3 weeks in-company/1 week at school. "This new work-study curriculum will be a real employability springboard and will allow for the further development of social diversity," explains Anne-Laure Hérard.

Finally, TEMA will join the NEOMA Business School GBBA and CESEM programmes as a member of the SESAME entrance examination centre in 2020. Up until this year TEMA has organized its own entrance exams, but by joining SEASME the programme will gain in terms of visibility in France and with French high schools abroad. "We are delighted to be joining SESAME. As such, TEMA will be accessible on the Paris campus in 2020, in addition to its traditional home on the Reims campus," concludes Anne-Laure HERARD.