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Thematics :

The TEMA programme now delivers a state-recognised five-year higher education diploma. The Ministry of Education has approved the quality of the curriculum proposed by NEOMA Business School, providing additional visibility for the TEMA diploma. The Official Gazette of 25 August confirmed the favourable opinion of the Commission for the Assessment of Management Courses and Diplomas (CEFDG) which made its decision earlier in the year.

The “visa” delivered by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research is an additional asset for TEMA students and alumni. It demonstrates that the programme is guaranteed by the State and that its pedagogy has been carefully controlled. It makes the diploma and its academic level official. Finally, an approved diploma can obtain official equivalence to foreign degrees, and students can benefit from higher education grants if they are eligible on social grounds.

TEMA has obtained its visa for a period of two years (the visa renewal date for all NEOMA Business School approved programmes) and will be applicable for all students who started on the programme in 2012-2013 or later.

“Obtaining the visa is extremely satisfying; it provides recognition for the strategic choices and directions taken for TEMA” observed Céline Davesne. “Additionally, in an increasingly competitive market, it is important for us to prove the excellence of the programme and of our pedagogy. From this perspective, the visa is clearly an indispensable label.”

By obtaining official approval, the TEMA programme is automatically listed in the National Register of Professional Qualifications (RNCP level I) – an additional guarantee for future employers that TEMA’s learning aims are closely aligned with business expectations.