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Thematics :

As part of a logistics course taught by Aurélien Rouquet, second-year students from the TEMA programme visited the logistics platform used by STOKOMANI, a leading French retail chain specialising in brand overstock.

The students were greeted by Jean-Edmond Puig, International Sourcing and Supply Chain Director, who presented the company to them and showed them the key role in Supply Chain management. They then visited the platform, which takes up nearly 25,000 m2, and saw up-close how a rapidly growing overstock retailer’s logistic management operates.

This was a valuable visit for the students because they saw first-hand the realities of logistics that I explained to them in class. The visit also grounded the theory taught in class because the students could see how professionals use the same concepts that were introduced in class, such as those dealing with push and pull distribution methods. During the visit, the TEMA students, who were already well aware of new technologies, could see the key role of digital technology on the steering plan for logistics flow. To manage its storage facilities, STOKOMANI actually uses Warehouse Management System, an absolutely indispensable tool for logistics operations productivity,” Aurélien Rouquet said.

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