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Thematics :

Launched in 2019, the NEOMA Mobility Accelerator provides support for mature start-ups and very small businesses specialising in the mobility sector.  Two years after its creation, Accelerator Head, Gwendal Rozier, gives us a quick overview.

  •  4 sectors of activity are covered by “mobility”: movement of people, logistics, smart city and energy transition
  • 1 acceleration programme 
  • 4 key values : Bespoke coaching on development issues (sales, strategy, communication…)/ Selective outsourcing of certain activities (sales canvassing, Social Network management, etc.)/Launch of #business network/Business social utility challenge
  • 4 months’ acceleration for each start-up
  • 6 cohorts integrated
  • 51 accelerated start-ups, including 13 from Normandy and 1 that moved its activity from Clermont Ferrand to Rouen
  • More than 1.5 million euros’ funding raised by our start-ups
  • €400,000 turnover provided to our start-ups, directly or indirectly 
  • 3 partners: EDF, KPMG and Senalia
  • 95% overall satisfaction rate amongst accelerated start-ups
  • dedicated team of 3 people: Gwendal Rozier, Head, plus Bryan Recher and Safir Hanafi, Programme Managers

“In addition to these numbers, we defend a vision for sustainable mobility that is based on simplicity, optimisation and cooperation between those involved. We embody this vision in the selection of start-ups and in the numerous contributions we undertake throughout the programme, as well as with our partner companies,” Gwendal Rozier concludes.