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Thematics :

On Friday, 7 June on the Reims campus, the graduates from the Class of 1974 celebrated their 50th anniversary during a reunion marked by many intergenerational connections.

“We are delighted with this reunion”, said Pascal Lemarquis, Class of ’74. “ We really enjoyed touring the campus, the school’s presentation and the focus it has put on the future campus of Reims”.

A discussion bringing together the graduates and the students was also part of the event. The graduates were eager to connect with the students, so they prepared various questions to hear the young students’ opinions and better understand their expectations concerning current events and topics. They brought up several subjects such as the changes to the geopolitical landscape between 1974 and 2004, their vision of Europe today, their ecological and societal transition convictions and the different ways they use artificial intelligence.

“ These talks with the students were very lively. A remarkable sense of harmony and understanding arose between the young students and old graduates”, Pascal Lemarquis said.