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Thematics :

Catherine Karyotis, Finance professor at NEOMA, was invited by Jérôme Caby, General Delegate of the FNEGE, to work with the Institut de l’Entreprise and PwC France to compile a report on the future of CSR functions: the Full RSE 2030 company.

Full CSR 2030 has three objectives:

  • to inform and raise awareness of the fact that companies are really turning the corner in terms of integrating CSR into their strategy ;
  • to unite business professionals to define the shape of the Full CSR (Full RSE) company (one that has fully integrated CSR into its strategy and practices);
  • to initiate reflection on certain “technical dogmas” taught in management and engineering schools so that  future employees are prepared for the reality of the sustainable company.

The Full RSE 2030 prospective project is backed by the FNEGE, the Institut de l’Entreprise and the audit and consulting firm, PwC France.

“I agreed to take part in this reflection because the FNEGE would like the academic and business worlds to be involved in major societal issues,” says Catherine Karyotis, Professor with the Finance Department of NEOMA Business School. “I think it is essential for research to be anchored in the business so an organisation’s specific recruitment demands and needs can be met.” 

These reflections have led to the drafting of reports and the organisation of round tables and should be followed by several events bringing together the organising entities, companies and the academic world.