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During the Starting Days event, a team of students wearing green caps were roaming the campus in a bid to raise awareness on green and responsible actions among the new students. An important reminder of the importance NEOMA BS places on such issues.
Although the Starting Days event for the new Master in Management students focused primarily on the theme of social entrepreneurship, the School's overall social commitment was also a central part of the programme. Le Pôle Solidaire, the School's student community service, responsible for the promotion of community-oriented initiatives on campus, played a central role.
Pauline, President of Ethika on the Rouen Campus, has a huge smile on her face. It is 12pm and the students are moving from one collective brainstorming session to another. Some of them  stop off at the CSR stand hosted by the entire Rouen Green Team. "Together with Célia, President of Envie d'Sup, Ines, President of ESC Sans Frontière and Pauline, CSR Committee member, we are increasing the number of opportunities for discussion throughout the week. The idea is to come along and talk about what the associations, which are all working together, are doing. Any time is a good time to discuss social issues. Whether in the evening or at lunchtime... We want to take advantage of every moment to rally people to the causes supported by the NEOMA community.

startings days 2019 green team2

A clear generational commitment
The same message in Reims. Chloe, President of Oikos, and Lorraine Roussel, Vice-President of Prépa Rémois, are the driving forces on this subject. "As well as the informal aspect, we also take the time to talk about our activities in detail . For example, over two lunch breaks, we set up a stand where we can discuss the latest news and issues that are important to us. We talk about the events we support or are organising in the short or medium term: challenges, clean walks, awareness workshops, climate-themed frescos... There are so many things going on and we try to mobilise as many people as possible to achieve the most impact. This year, we were also asked to organise an Eco challenge. The project we came up with in conjunction with the Talent & Career teams made it possible to raise student awareness on a number of important community-driven initiatives, in a fun and entertaining way," Chloe and Lorraine point out.

startings days 2019 green team3

Putting as much waste as possible into a waste-paper bin in one minute, finding as many used batteries as possible in a sandpit in 60 seconds, running a three-legged race... 10 different contests were planned for this challenge on each campus (including a top-model challenge - pictures from Reims below).

For those students who attended the week's themed activities, witnessing other students who are so committed to the subject made a strong impression." I honestly didn't expect to see such a high level of commitment. The examiners had mentioned this subject during the entrance orals, but I took that for green-washing. In the end, the week's event and the Green Team's activities reflect a genuine effort  by NEOMA. In addition, the wealth and diversity of socially responsible associations really incite you to get involved," explain Mathilde, Clara and Jade, newcomers to the Rouen Campus. Mission accomplished by the Green Team !

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