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Thematics :

Tim COOK, CEO of Apple, choose to use the VizEat app “Eat with locals in 110 countries” during his visit to Paris last February, Attracted by the concept, he invited the app’s two co-founders, Camille RUMANI and Jean-Michel PETIT, to join him for a meal.
« Camille RUMANI, who today is an entrepreneur, graduated from the Grande Ecole Programme at NEOMA Business School in 2013. In 2012, she co-founded the VizEat app, “An unforgettable culinary and human experience far off the tourist’s beaten path”. This innovative and trendy idea has earned her accolades from Apple: the company actually voted it one of the top 3 best apps in 2016 in all categories at the App Store.

This acknowledgement owes nothing to chance. The VizEat developers worked hard to use the latest technologies from Apple: universal links, iOS10 notifications, 3D Touch and, coming soon, Apple Pay.

A winning combination of entrepreneurial spirit and technology: congratulations Camille!

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