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The gardens recently celebrated their 30th year anniversary and are now updating to digital technology: the Jardins de Valloire are one of the sites used by VISTA-AR, a European research project that intended to include virtual reality and augmented reality in tourist sites.


In July, representatives from NEOMA Business School, the Brittany Regional Council (Clotilde Durot, head of the digital technology and knowledge/information project) and the European Higher Art School of Brittany (Erwan Mahé, professor of design and digital technology) went to the Jardins de Valloire in the Picardy region where they met with Sophie Nothum, the operations manager at Jardins de Valloire, to discuss the site’s digitalisation.

It was the first visit that economist Elsa Gatelier and NEOMA BS professor of organisation analysis Jean-Baptiste Suquet made to the site to better understand the digitalisation challenges for the gardens. In particular, the pair went there to make inquiries about the garden’s target public.

The joint discussion and brainstorming on innovating the economic model has already begun!


Programme priority: To realise the potential of natural and cultural assets to deliver innovation and sustainable growth.

The allocated budget is €8,292,568.68 with European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) co-funding of 69%.

This includes an extension with budget awarded in November 2020 to allow the project to mitigate the risks of the pandemic.