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On February 18, a new start-up Powered by NEOMA BS was officially launched: Actiondesk. The project is led by Jonathan Parisot, a PGE 2014 graduate. Here he introduces us to the concept behind his start-up, which is already experiencing strong international growth.

Providing non-technical teams with the possibility to automate data extraction and processing. This is the concept behind the recently launched Actiondesk, a start-up incubated at NEOMA BS. Jonathan Parisot, a NEOMA BS graduate, came up with the idea during his previous professional experience in Kenya.
“I was a country director for Jumia, an e-commerce company operating in Africa, the first unicorn company on the continent. During my time there, I noticed several problems. First, in any company, a lot of time is wasted on manually extracting and processing data using Excel. Next, the data is extremely siloed: some is in the database, some in CRM, and so on. To address this issue, most of the tools available on the market are designed for large companies. They are very expensive and difficult to set up. This is where Actiondesk comes in, by offering a solution that is readily accessible and easy-to-use for non-technical teams. Anybody who is familiar with Excel will be able to use Actiondesk.

Launched recently, the start-up has been a remarkable success. “Since our launch, 85% of our users are from abroad, including nearly 30% American.” In practice, start-ups and SMEs use Actiondesk to generate KPI reports automatically and feed calculated data from System A to System B. This is essential in today's business world.

Jonathan Parisot, whose start-up is also part of Station F and The Family, has huge ambitions for development. “We are aiming for a 30% monthly revenue growth rate.

To learn more about Actiondesk, please find a video presentation below:

• Video presentation