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Thematics :

From September 2016, the NEOMA Business School Master in Management programme will be enhanced with a Design Manager track on our Reims campus, launched in partnership with ESAD (Ecole Supérieure d’Art et de Design). This partnership with one of the oldest schools for the fine arts in France, will provide students at both schools with a top-quality, comprehensive programme.

With this new track, the School confirms its commitment to the constant improvement of its programmes. Its objective is to help its graduates gain rapid promotion to senior management positions.

This partnership with ESAD is in line with the move towards the need for hybrid skills and innovation management in the labour market.

ESAD (M1) students will be joining courses in management fundamentals at NEOMA Business School while NEOMA Business School students (M2) will benefit from some of the introductory courses delivered at  ESAD (Design History and  Theory, Design, Graphics, etc.).

The main feature of this partnership will be its learning approach. Students will work in pairs, one from each school, to develop the core skills required for these two specialities.