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The emblematic Maison CHANEL has assigned a major challenge to NEOMA students: what are the younger generation’s new expectations and learning methods in a competitive, fragmented and digital world?

It was with a feeling of great excitement that the NEOMA MSc Luxury Marketing students met CHANEL’s training teams at the start of February for the launch of the case study they will be working on over the coming months.

Entitled “Make Chanel the best place to learn”, the case invites the students to work on new learning methods. By responding to the following questions in particular, the students’ ideas should allow the iconic Masion Chanel teams to completely rethink their internal training process: ‘How to capture attention?’ and ‘How to create commitment?’

“CHANEL is facing the arrival of many newer, digital age brands on the luxury market that understand how to reach the younger generations via their referred platforms and solutions. To reach the Z generation, CHANEL knows that their employees need to be trained to use these new marketing and sales tools. This is the challenge behind the case study our students have been invited to work on today,” explains Nora Fuentes, Head of Partnerships & Corporate Relations Development.

The students are highly enthusiastic about the idea of analysing the case, which involves HR, marketing and sales issues. “Working on real cases allows the students to see and experience the unique challenges the sector faces and also to apply their knowledge and skills in a real context. For many of them, this is the first time they have worked with a luxury brand. They are really excited and ready to put a lot of time into finding the best solutions,” adds Julia Pueschel, Head of NEOMA MSc Luxury Marketing.

Over the coming months, the students will receive coaching from both NEOMA professors and CHANEL staff members. The students will present their results in early April.

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MSc Luxury Marketing

Learn to master all facets of luxury marketing in an international environment with this full-time master’s degree programme taught in English in the global capital of fashion, Paris.
  • Full time
  • 15 months
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