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Thematics :

NEOMA promotes the values of humanity, respect and openness and wholeheartedly joins with the wave of solidarity now seen across Europe, in support of Ukraine and its people.

When Ukraine was first invaded by Russia, the NEOMA teams sprang into action to repatriate the students who were in Russia, greatly aided by the efforts of the NEOMA Alumni, who often provided accommodation in their own homes for students to stay overnight on their way back home. We also set up support mechanisms for the Russian students on our campuses, who might be distressed or unsettled by events. (Note: the School did not have any students in Ukraine, nor Ukrainian students on its campuses, which is why no measures were put in place for the benefit of such students).

From the beginning of the war, many members of the NEOMA community, whether students, graduates, professors or colleagues, have launched many individual and joint initiatives, including:

  • Making accommodation available to Ukrainian families and helping them find such accommodation.
  • Setting up courses in French as a Foreign Language on our campuses, intended for Ukrainian refugees, and delivered by our language teachers, in liaison with local associations.

Help and support mechanisms, especially psychological counselling provided by health professionals, for all students who feel they need them. The School’s teams and students are also carrying out activities to support the Ukrainian people and all now suffering because of this conflict:

  • Fund-raising and a food bank organised by the student society ‘Peach’ (Reims campus), supported by the City Hall of Reims and the local charity ‘Le Maillon’. Count me in
  • Building a solidarity fund to support Ukrainian families being hosted by colleagues of the School or in accommodation made available by the School: Count me in

You can also support the humanitarian associations already here or help welcome Ukrainian refugees to France via the official government platform.

If you would like to help displaced persons seeking refuge in France: I’ll help Ukraine

We send our warmest thoughts to the people of Ukraine and hope with all our hearts that peace and security are soon restored to their country.