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Thematics :

Out of all the French and International Business Schools on the leading student and graduate recruitment platform, JobTeaser, NEOMA is this year, the fourth most popular.

The Talent & Career Department operates an online platform called JobTeaser which hosts all internship and employment opportunities, many of which are exclusively reserved for NEOMA BS.
"Students can post their applications and hold their job interviews here. It is a real advantage for all our students," says Vicky Millar. "For French students who may be on exchange abroad and our international students who are not necessarily geographically able to meet their potential future employers."

With a 39% increase in traffic, NEOMA's E-Career Centre ranks 4th among 500 Business and Engineering Schools using the platform in Europe.
The School's Talent & Career Department is ranked No. 1 in the "Resources" section, which provides essential advice on how to find internships or work-study placements. Entirely designed and maintained by the school's career consultants, the NEOMA resources section is the most pertinent with more than 70% of pages viewed in this section, attesting to the high quality of the content!

The NEOMA BS E-Career Centre on Job Teaser in figures :
• 13,000 exclusive NEOMA BS offers
• 1,400 annual appointments
• 13,800 members
• 341,000 visits
• 5 and 6 pages visited per platform visit
• And 70% active and committed students!

The T&C also helps NEOMA BS students with their internship research whatever their project or nationality! For more information, read the following article: here