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Yesterday, in the presence of Delphine Manceau, Dean, NEOMA Business School, and Anne Guérin, Director, BPI France Financement, a partnership agreement between the two organisations was signed. This new relationship, which covers several educational, recruitment, training and disability inclusion aspects, opens up a number of new opportunities for the parties involved.This agreement marks the culmination, for both organisations, of a mutual commitment to strengthen their relationship in terms of employability and career opportunities for students. NEOMA BS and BPI France Financement envisage the co-development of course content and the launch of a research theme in the near future.

This partnership also includes an executive education component," Delphine Manceau adds. "NEOMA BS has been chosen to provide training for managers of micro firms and SMEs supported by BPI France Financement.

Another essential aspect of this partnership is that BPI France Financement has joined the group of partners involved in the disability project, which aims to provide employment opportunities for students with disabilities. In this context, BPI France Financement will actively contribute to the development of campaigns to raise awareness and provide training and support for people with disability.

An opportunity for NEOMA BS and BPI France Financement

At BPI Financement, we really need employees who are highly trained in economic intelligence. As such, I want my network of associates to develop both their skills and understanding of the challenges that companies face. I am convinced that the NEOMA BS students will meet this challenge perfectly!” explains Anne Guérin – Director, BPI France Financement.

Indeed, the BPI’s Finance Department recruits 100 new employees per year and almost 200 interns and trainees. “We offer a wide range of promising career opportunities," explains Anne Guérin. “Our work is really exciting, and I am convinced that this partnership is a great opportunity for BPI France Financement and NEOMA BS.”

A point that was well illustrated during the evening by the accounts given by Eléonore, NEOMA BS alumni and business manager, and Ibrahima, a one-year work-based learning intern, both with BPI.

My career has evolved very quickly since I joined BPI a year and a half ago," says Eleonore. "I have been in direct contact with clients and in charge of the financial analysis of their accounts. Since then, I have come to realise how much the NEOMA BS courses, through internships and international experiences, have helped me become autonomous and effective so quickly! Because at BPI I suddenly found myself thrown in at the deep end," she adds.

Personally, I am happy with both my Master's degree and my work-study programme," says Ibrahima, who is working at BPI whilst studying for the Master's degree in International Financial Analysis on the Paris campus. "Over the past three months, I have joined a fantastic team that has made it possible for me to make an excellent start. If I can prove myself, and if I’m offered a contract, I’ll be very happy to join BPI France.

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Genuine career and partnership opportunities that are beneficial to everybody involved. “I am delighted with this partnership, which is the result of a joint initiative that began one year ago. And I would like to thank BPI France Financement sincerely for their support and confidence!” concludes Delphine Manceau.