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Thematics :

The start-up Ulysse, headed by Axel Guidicelli (Class of 2016) and Lancelot Hardel, working as CTO, joins the largest campus of start-ups in the world: Station F.

Currently in the NEOMA BS incubator, Ulysse allows users to find the cheapest airline tickets on the market in less than 10 seconds through the website ulysse.travel. After testing a beta version of the website that handled more than 15,000 requests, Axel and Lancelot recently launched the first version of their platform, which will allow any user to reserve airline tickets in less than a minute at a price that outperforms all the competition. They are currently working on a B2B offer intended for all companies offering business flights, travel agencies and hotels.

The start-up integrates the Space Green programme by Naver & Line at the heart of the 34,000m² Station F, a genuine entrepreneurial ecosystem opened in June 2017 and created by Xavier Niel, the founder of Free. Naver, the “Korean Google”, launched the Space Green programme at the same time as its Japanese subsidiary Line, which aims to host a dozen European start-ups specializing in consumer products. With 80 work posts, it is the largest incubator at Station F, equal to what is currently at Facebook.

It’s a great opportunity for our young creators:
It’s a new step for Ulysse. Aside from the qualities of the facilities at Station F, it opens many doors for us in terms of visibility and opportunities. We have fulfilled only 1% of our potential and we are sure that our move to Green Space will help us get to the next level.

Ulysse joins at Station F the start-ups Domos Kit and Lok-Iz, which both came out of the NEOMA BS Incubator. We wish them luck for the best development possible!