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Thematics :

Altéo Conseil and NEOMA Reims Conseil, the two NEOMA Junior Enterprises are joining forces and combining their expertise to become a single organisation. The newly named NEOMA Conseil became official on June 8, 2022 and will provide companies with a wider range of strategic advice.

A merger to boost the performance of the two entities

The objectives of the new structure resulting from the merger of the School’s two Junior Enterprises are to help develop the students’ skillset and enhance the experience of Junior Entrepreneurs.

“We are extremely proud to be the first mandate under the name of NEOMA Conseil! This change will allow us to increase our visibility and exploit fifty years of experience. We aim to demonstrate the commitment of NEOMA Conseil as a Junior Enterprise to the National Confederation of Junior Enterprises. Our mandate will feature bold, innovative projects,” say Océane and Flavien, the student society’s President and Vice-President.

With an office in Reims and one in Rouen, this merger NEOMA Reims Conseil and Altéo Conseil aim to further their fields of expertise and widen their scope by combining their knowledge and know-how. “We are delighted and extremely proud of this ambitious and challenging project. The merger allows our teams to grow together,” explains Marine, President of NEOMA Reims Conseil in 2021-2022.  “With so much experience, our strong regional connections and our enthusiasm, NEOMA Conseil is assured a promising future,” adds Justine, President of Altéo Conseil during he same mandate.

Long-standing ties have been established over many years

NEOMA Conseil will support all kinds of economic stakeholders (individuals, start-ups, student societies, SMEs, large companies, public organisations) in a wide range of sectors:

  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Engineering & web-marketing
  • Marketing & strategy
  • Communication
  • Company creation

NEOMA Reims Conseil and Altéo Conseil were launched in 2013, the year of the NEOMA merger.

In 2019, NRC and Altéo Conseil signed a partnership agreement that allowed the two Junior Entreprises to meet more frequently in order to improve both structures, especially during cross-audits. Thanks to this approach, the merger idea quite naturally took.

NEOMA Conseil has now officially started and its story is just beginning!