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Thematics :

Just like every year, the club meeting “Rentrée des Tribus” was a great success. More than one thousand people participated in more than 30 cities, in different regions In France and abroad, as well as in Paris at the Théâtre du Merveilleux in an effort to promote the association’s different clubs.

Rentrée des Tribus has become a real institution in our network. An unmissable event for Néoma graduates,” said Jean-Michel Huet from the PGE class of ’97. This year the event had greater significance for the president of NEOMA Alumni: “This is my last year in the position, but it’s also the first year for Delphine Manceau as the director of the school.” She could see the network’s strong dynamics and vitality, which is renewed year each through this event. “Aside from promoting NEOMA Alumni and it services, this event is about bringing attention to our club and association organisers. It’s their commitment, time and energy that has made the association so prolific in its activity. Many thanks to them and their work!” added Marion Morato, network and event manager.

Key figure from the evening:
- More than 30 participating clubs present
- 10 participating cities in France
- 22 participating cities from around the world

By Quentin FUSEAU, Editorial Communication Manager for NEOMA Alumni

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