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The Postal Services Department of the La Poste group asked French Grandes Ecoles to help them to produce case studies about customer problems encountered by the French Post Office. Students in the NEOMA Business School Specialised Masters programme in Corporate Communications and in the Marketing Track of the Rouen campus Master Grande Ecole are working on a case study about the problem of the image of Le Havre Athletic Club.

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“The La Poste Group is one of our oldest partners,” explains Hélène Skorochod, Director of Corporate Relations at NEOMA BS, who is behind this partnership between the Postal Services department of the La Poste Group and NEOMA BS. “When they launched this appeal for partners we saw it as an opportunity both to make the ties between our two organisations even closer than they already were, and to develop an exciting learning experience for our students.”
As far as La Poste is concerned, the partnership also has numerous advantages. “With this partnership, the Postal Services department of La Poste hopes to develop its image as an employer, by presenting different, less well-known activities of our Group to the students,” explains Adèle Albano, Deputy General Manager and Director of Corporate Clients.
For the students, the objective is clear: to develop a corporate case study concerning the image problem of the Le Havre Football Club.
The students have been working since September to draw up recommendations to solve the client’s problem using the marketing solutions proposed by La Poste. As part of the project, a visit to the club’s football ground was organised on 24 October, when the details of the problem were presented to the students. They presented their recommendations on 18 November.
“This partnership is an excellent opportunity for our students to demonstrate their skills in an actual corporate case study, in real-life conditions,” explains Joelle Lagier, Director of the Specialised Master in Corporate Communications. “This was why we asked our students to work on the Le Havre Athletic Club case, particularly as the task was a particularly rewarding one,” add Pascale Ezan and Isabelle Ulrich, co-directors of the Marketing track of the Rouen campus Master Grande Ecole.

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