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TikTok collaborates with NEOMA Master in Corporate Communications Strategies

Published on 22 December 2021 by NEOMA

Mathieu Rampant, Growth Leader at TikTok, one of the most popular apps in the world, gave a talk for the Advanced Masters in Corporate Communications Strategies at NEOMA where he discussed the challenges of influence, content strategy and brand safety.

“What is particularly interesting in this collaboration with TikTok is that its essential nature—the sharing of short videos—places content and its creation at the core of the communication strategy of a growing number of brands who are now investing in the platform. For students, it’s an invitation to review this triple combination of experience, entertainment and responsibility,” said Othman Boujena, head of the CRM & Social Media courses in the Advanced Masters in Corporate Communications Strategies at NEOMA and associate professor in the NEOMA marketing department.

As Mathieu Rampant, Growth Leader at TikTok, explained to the students, three essential components guide content production on the famous platform: creativity, inspiration and entertainment. Added to those is a relaxed, anti-conformist and mischievous attitude that is the social network’s central special feature.

This digital marketing professional also discussed the concept of brand safety, one of the company’s major concerns, which requires extreme vigilance over any possible safety, mental health or addiction issues for its users.

“Mr Rampant’s talk was very stimulating. First, for the presentation of the company which addressed the preconceptions that one may have about the application, and second, for the focus on the changes that consumers are bringing to society. We were also able to look behind the scenes and understand how TikTok helps brands use the platform and interact with their communities, which is a vital element of current communications,” Agathe, student in the Advanced Masters in Corporate Communications Strategies at NEOMA, said.





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