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Thematics :

“Livres & Vous”, project developed by NEOMA MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation students was awarded the Jury’s Favourite or “Coup de Coeur” prize at the Orange Young Talent Environmental Emergency Competition, on January 27th, 2022.

By entering this competition, the NEOMA MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation students have taken up an environmental emergency challenge with digital technology.

10 teams out of the 45 teams of students that entered the competition from 6 different schools in France have been selected for the grand final of the young talent competition launched by Orange last September to be held 27 January… 2 of the finalist teams are made up of NEOMA MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation programme students! “All the teachers who have been working with these students over the past months are very proud. They are 100% committed to this competition, which invites them to invent the future and come up with solutions to improve and simplify everyday life,” says Mehdi Bagherzadeh, Head of the programme.

For 4 months, the students have been working on designing high impact solutions in the following two areas:  IT for Green (digital solutions for the environment) and Green IT (solutions for a greener digital world).

The projects submitted by the 2 NEOMA finalists were:


Livres & Vous (Books & You): the project headed by Chloé, Mathilde, Pauline and Jason aims to give a second chance to the 25% of published books that are unsold and destroyed each year. “We are delighted by this opportunity to pitch our project at the final in Paris on 27 January and to represent our school and our programme. Thanks to all those who have helped us – our teachers, KPMG mentors and the staff at Orange!” Winner of the Jury’s Favourite or “Coup de Coeur” prize!

Hi!Green: because every act counts when it comes to reducing our environmental impact, Angie, Emma, Estrella and Santiago came up with the idea of a fun and easy environmental challenge game with rewards as a motivator. “We are really proud of Hi!Green and everything we’ve achieved over the last few months because we believe that there is a fun and feasible way to do something for the environment. Thanks to all our teachers, for their valuable support, and to our KPMG representative. We can’t wait to represent our MSc in the grand final!”

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MSc Entrepreneurship & Innovation

With this master’s degree, challenge your mindset and equip yourself to launch business ventures, with a focus on digital innovation.
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