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Thematics :

Continuing a long tradition at the MSc programmes, the Personal Development module took place at the Ferme Equestre de Bois Guilbert in June 2017. During two days, 35 students participated in a range of challenging group activities in an environment beyond their comfort zone.
Work focused on experiential learning as adapting to an unknown setting is the primary objective: exercises included building group trust in uncertain environments, sharpening emotional intelligent responses to novel stimuli, and drawing wealth from cultural differences in all group activities.

Ferme Equestre de Bois Guilbert is among the first in France to produce bio fuel for sale as well as its own heating, in a systemic self-sustained model of production. The hosts receive and train groups of riders across the year. NEOMA BS students got to ride Icelandic ponies under the supervision of trained coaches in activities boosting self-awareness and confidence.

In the outstanding setting of the farm at Bois Guilbert, my colleagues on the MSc and I spent two days pony-trekking and being coached as a team. I was able to reap the benefit of the excellent advice of my teachers, Mme Bastounis and Mr. Ormiston, which will help me in my professional life. It was an unforgettable change from the normal routine! Loris LIOTTA

Those two days with my student colleagues enabled us to share our strengths and weaknesses and test them out in a magnificent setting while learning to listen to each other. This experience was an opportunity to learn how to adapt to a new environment, enhance our knowledge and acquire new skills with joy and good humour. Chloé BADAYA DELAROCHE