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Thematics :

UN Night took place at NEOMA BS Reims campus on 28 January. After “Global Water Management” in 2012 and "Is Food en economic weapon in International Trade” last year, this time the negotiations focused on “Protecting the Ocean.”
The simulation took place at night, as is often the case at the UN, increasing the tension in situations where representatives have to propose practical resolutions.
NEOMA BS professors, experts in the fields of international negotiations and economic intelligence, were on hand to support and advise the students.

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And this is not just a learning exercise for our students. The recommendations put forward can, depending on their suitability, be reported up to the UN by UNRIC (UN Regional Information Centre for Western Europe), which partners the event.

At the end of the 2014 UN Night, despite the enthusiasm and commitment of students and professors, the delegations were unfortunately unable to agree on a joint resolution.

  • Cooperation Award: Indian Delegation
  • Eloquence Award: Russian Delegation
  • Jury’s Special Award: New Zealand Delegation

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