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The NEOMA BS chair in Industrial Bioeconomy is delighted to launch its cycle of conferences in Reims on March 14th, with Understanding Climate Change, by Didier Roche, CNRS Bronze Medallist.
The cycle is designed for all NEOMA BS students, deciders, or citizens who would like to understand the challenges of ecological transition, climate change, and the use of renewable resources such as biomass. The cycle, accessible to all, will cover the scientific, technological, economic and social dimensions of the topic.

NEOMA Business School Chair in Industrial Bioeconomy: Conferences
Understanding Climate Change
Didier Roche
CNRS Bronze Medallist
Campus 1 – Lecture theatre 1B003
14 March 2018, at 5.15 p.m.

The lecture will be in French.

Didier Roche, CNRS bronze medallist for his work on modelling climate change, will give the inaugural lecture. The composition of ice cores from the north and south poles and marine sediment cores from the ocean floor enable the changes recorded in different climate archives to be measured very accurately.  With the help of this data, Didier Roche attempts to explain the mechanisms that govern the Earth’s climate change, and to provide evidence for current global warming scenarios.
 Didier Roche is a researcher at the Laboratoire des Sciences du climat et de l’environnement (LSCE - UMR CEA/CNRS/UVSQ). https://www.lsce.ipsl.fr/