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Thematics :

Every year the Leading Market Growth (LMG) specialisation, training Master in Management students in business development and negotiation, organises a simulation as part of the negotiation and market intelligence module. This year NEOMA BS welcomed the international giant UNILEVER to its Rouen campus. The negotiation simulation problem focused on the referencing of a new range of products on a declining market.

Every year we work on the creation of a case with a partner company based on negotiation problems between brands and retail chains,” Othman BOUJENA, Marketing Professor and Head of the Leading Market Growth specialisation explains. The simulation is based on a brief given by the brand at the outset, “the students then work on the data and role play scenarios to build their arguments before presenting to a mixed jury of NEOMA BS professors, product managers, marketing and category managers. They need to come up with their own negotiation strategy and demonstrate emotional intelligence to be convincing and close the deal!

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