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From 14th-18th November, 325 students took part in a disability-themed competition. Veeppe, a NEOMA partner, announced the winners during a webinar entitled “From diagnosis-action to the development of an inclusive policy”. Bastien, the Reims Campus winner, explains his reasons for taking part.

For the third year and as part of the European Week for the Employment of People with Disabilities, held from 14th-18th November 2022, teams from the Social and Environmental Transformation Department invited our students to take part in a competition designed to raise awareness on the question of disability. 325 students took part!

The results were announced by David Ballant, Legal Expert at Veepee, during a webinar entitled “Veepee: from diagnosis-action to the development of an inclusive policy”, held at the end of the week. A draw from among the correct answers to the questions was held and a winner from each campus announced:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Paris: Coline Touchais, Msc Luxury Marketing student
  • Reims: Bastien Bruneteau, MiM student
  • Rouen: Zahra Chebbi, GBBA student

3 questions to Bastien, Reims winner 

Why did you take part in this competition? 

Basically, I try to take part in any activity organised by NEOMA as it helps develop campus life and encourages these types of initiative to continue. Such events make student life enjoyable and help establish interesting partnerships.

Does this question have a special meaning for you?

The theme of disability concerns us all, we all know someone who is affected by disability, whether in our families today or in the past It’s a subject that is often ignored and remains a taboo subject in 2022. This competition means we are kept informed in a fun way and serves as a reminder of the progress made.

Do you think it is important to change mentalities on such questions?

Obviously. Whether through sport (with the arrival of the 2024 Olympics in Paris) or work, disability should interest everyone and it should not be a barrier to anyone’s sporting or professional goals. This type of competition makes us think about the issue of disability and reminds us that awareness is only a recent trend and that we still have a lot of work to do to change mentalities.