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With their project SYNERGY, the Masternova students at NEOMA and AgroParisTech won the third-place prize at the student challenge “Innovations in plant-based protein for human food nutrition”. The contest was organised by le Village by CA Nord de France, with its final event held on 23 June 2020.

For the second year now, the challenge gave students the task of developing innovative ideas that promote the use of plant-based protein in human nutrition. It called on more than 750 students, broken up into 234 teams, throughout France and from all types of educational establishments.

The students in Masternova, an Advanced Masters programme in Innovation Management in Agri-Business and Bio-Industries at NEOMA and AgroParisTech, focus on developing innovative projects in agri-businesses and bio-industries. The team from the SYNERGY project won over a jury of professionals such as Terres Univia, Bonduelle and Sodexo (see the partners) and won third place with their flavourful vegan galette (pancake). The food product made from the residue of grain mash (distilling grain) is rich in plant-based proteins and works as an alternative to meat.

Congratulations to our students for this initiative that has its finger on the pulse of our times where balanced protein sources have become a major stake in healthy, sustainable and eco-responsible human nutrition.

> SYNERGY: pitch at the challenge’s final event (at 1:45:10)

> The student Challenge “Innovations in plant-based protein for human food nutrition”, a contest organised by le Village by CA Nord de France (Videos, partners, etc.).
> MASTERNOVA, Advanced Masters in Innovation Management in Agri-Business and Bio-Industries: a programme at NEOMA and AgroParisTech. Biology and technology fundamentals linked with the principles of management

> The Chair in Industrial Bioeconomics at NEOMA Business School