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Thematics :

The first edition was held in March 2016 and was already very successful… So it was only natural for the VIP Day to be repeated on 14 January at our Paris campus, this year taking as its topic “Power within organisations.”

The overall aim remains that of offering the Executive MBA community top-quality discussion and reflection, whilst strengthening their links with the School.

This year, nearly one hundred graduates and students from the Executive MBA programme accepted the invitation from the Paris campus.

The day was structured around a series of lectures and panel discussions led by company leaders and executives along with representatives from the academic sphere. The guests listened with great interest to a talk by Laurent Choain, HRM at Mazars and a graduate of the School, on the topic of “Leadership by capacity or leadership by power,” followed by an interactive conference by Didier Marlier, blogger and professor, on “The  Rift economy and its impact on Leadership.”

Then Bernard Ramanantsoa, Honorary managing director of HEC Paris, gave a profound, humanistic talk on “The success or tragedy of power.”

The panel discussion “Who still wants power?” jointly led by representatives from academia and business was followed by a talk by Agnès Flouquet-Vilboux, Managing Director of NEOMA Alumni on “The Power of the Network.”

A group of alumni ended the day, candidly describing their career since they obtained their Executive MBA. Finally, a drinks reception provided all our guests with an excellent environment for networking.