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NEOMA had the immense honour of welcoming Mr LU Shaye, Chinese Ambassador to France, to the Rouen campus for the Chinese New Year celebrations organised by the Confucius Institute

This is the first time the Chinese Ambassador to France has visited Normandy when he came to the Rouen campus last Friday. This unique event is part of the strengthening of ties between France and China, particularly in the field of education where NEOMA is extremely active.
The programme for the day's visit included an exclusive meeting with Delphine Manceau, dean of NEOMA, Céline Davesne, Associate Dean for Porgrammes and Benoit Anger, Associate Dean for Corporate Development and Communication, to discuss the development of NEOMA in China. “The strengthening of educational and business ties with China is one of NEOMA’s main development priorities, today more than ever," says Delphine Manceau. "I am thrilled by the prospect of these new opportunities and the visit of the Chinese Ambassador to France to NEOMA is a further opportunity to celebrate the strength and sincerity of the relationship that unites our two countries!
A cocktail event was held for the School's Chinese professors and students and representatives from a number of  local institutions, such as Catherine Flavigny, Mayor of Mont Saint Aignan, and Xavier Prévost, elected member of the Rouen Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Finally, the Chinese Ambassador to France attended the spectacular Chinese New Year celebrations organised by the Confucius Institute. A visit to the city of Rouen was planned for the following day. The Ambassador discovered the City of One Hundred Spires and the city's historical heritage.

A special relationship with China for a number of years
The School has a representative office located in Shanghai, more than 1,000 graduates based in China and recently set up a centre of expertise on relations between Europe and Asia. NEOMA has also forged strong partnerships with a number of prestigious partner universities (such as Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, Xi'An Jiaotong, XJTU School of Management) and also runs a DBA with Shanghai Jiaotong and a joint research centre with Nankai University.
In addition, NEOMA has been pursuing an ambitious academic exchange programme with China for a number of years. Each year, around 170 Chinese students choose to continue their studies at NEOMA. This positioning obviously played a vital role in making NEOMA China's preferred partner for the creation of the 1st Confucius Institute for Business in France in 2014, inaugurated at the time by Mr Laurent FABIUS, then Minister of Foreign Affairs.  Since then, a new office has been opened in Reims and Paris and such developments are symbolic of the School's ambitions to strengthen relations between France and China.

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