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Thematics :

On 23 and 24 January, the quarterly meeting of the partners of the European VISTA-AR project was held on NEOMA Business School’s Paris Campus.

Over the course of the two days, the partners involved worked alongside NEOMA BS researchers: Regional Council of Brittany, EESAB, CESI, University of Exeter, Bournemouth University, Municipality of Fougères, Exeter Cathedral. The French deployment sites (the Valloires Gardens and the Lorient Underwater Museum) also took part.

The first day was devoted to the progress of each work module, with particular attention paid to the first experiments to be launched before the summer, and to the progress made concerning reflection on the French and English deployment sites. The second day was devoted to communication and project management, and a visit to the Conciergerie by all the partners using the latest devices,” explains Jean-Baptiste Suquet, professor, coordinator with the VISTA-AR project for NEOMA BS.

Support and development of new visitor experiences
As a reminder, VISTA-AR is an initiative aimed at encouraging cultural heritage sites to adopt advanced digital technologies with a view to offering a new experience to visitors, and thereby increasing their number.

The partners involved are therefore working on compiling a library of generic models and animations, as well as a database of those involved in the cultural heritage sector, with a view to helping cultural heritage sites develop their own applications and scenarios. To maximize the range of benefits and to ensure their transferability, the digital tools are accessible through the cloud and enhanced by users. In the long term, the project aims to create a heritage centre that unites both sides of the Channel and fosters the development of a common solution.

For this project, NEOMA BS and its research professors are in charge of collecting and analysing data received from visitors in France in order to adjust the technological applications on offer. Thanks to the key information collected, researchers can help cultural heritage sites to set up new Augmented Reality devices (headphones, tablets, immersive rooms, and digital furniture) to attract more visitors and increase revenue. The VISTA-AR project is part of the European Interreg V programme France (Channel) - England.

The next quarterly meeting is to be held at the Regional Council of Brittany in Rennes in March.

For more information on the VISTA-AR project: