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Vivatech is the number 1 Tech & Start-up event in Europe. In June 2022, several NEOMA students and graduates had the opportunity to discover this major French forum dedicated to digital technology.

Louis Gandon, Master in Management graduate, whose start-up Business2Gaming is currently at the school’s incubator, gave us his impression.

The next trends: metaverse and gamification

 “My company develops a team-building service based on video games. We offer professionals custom game scenarios, accompanied by a detailed analysis of employee behaviours during the role playing.

In coming to Vivatech, I was looking to develop my offer by identifying the next trends and new technologies that will disrupt usage in companies. For this reason, I found the sectorial conferences on the metaverse and gamification very interesting.”

Video games in the recruitment process? The path of Adecco

Vivatech offers the chance to detect new development opportunities. For example, I discovered a new service. The idea is to stay in the gaming sector, but to also move into the recruitment field.

I attended a passionate conference on this subject led by Adecco. As a major player in employment, this company asked a question that struck me: How can video games improve the recruitment process and applicant experience?

Vivatech, a data source

Vivatech is also the ideal venue for seeing data decrypted by experts and strengthening an outlook through documentation. For example, at the Adecco conference, I learned that 73% of French people play video games with an average age of 39 years old. These figures reaffirmed my idea about bringing gaming to the recruitment sector.

Vivatech, an opportunity for many meetings

“I really liked talking with the Skilleo teams, a video-game-based recruitment platform. Based on the principle that skills acquired through games are the same as soft skills required at companies, like decision-making or stress management, you can easily go from one field to the other. This discussion streamlined the way that we can carry out this shift.

Vivatech, an incredible atmosphere.

“It’s the first time that I had the chance to participate in this unique meeting. At its opening, I felt like an ant inside this giant space at Porte de Versailles. There were obvious a lot of people with a lot of different nationalities. Google, Orange, Microsoft, LVMH, the biggest multinational corporations had enormous stands. It was impressive at the beginning, but I quickly got used to it, particularly with the robots that you come across in the aisles!”