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VivaTech is the number 1 Tech & Start-up event in Europe. In June 2022, several NEOMA students and graduates had the opportunity to discover this major French forum dedicated to digital technology. Here are the impressions of two CESEM students, Yohann Dadoun and Julien Limar.


“The first day I spoke with someone who created a mini fridge to hold medication. He sold 900,000 refrigerators for 200 euros each, making 180 million euros in revenue. The French Army contacted him because the doctors could keep blood bags in them.

“For young people like us who want to be entrepreneurs, it’s exciting to be able to talk with all these start-ups at the event that we didn’t really have enough time to find on our networks. Here, we can really come into contact with different companies. It’s very worthwhile.”


“We came here to discover new things, expand our knowledge and our network, interact with the different worlds that we might one day work in, broaden our intellectual and professional horizons and see various fields of possibilities.

We visited the stands of the Ministry of the Army and a crypto-currency platform as well as the LVMH group. They were very different from each other, but it was great to see all of them.

You find new innovations, new ideas and what the future has in store for us at this event. For us, that’s what VivaTech is all about.”


“What surprised us? Robotics, which is advancing very quickly. At the RATP stand, they had small robotic dogs, which will replace humans on the railways. They will perform difficult tasks during maintenance and construction. That was extremely interesting.

“We also met a Senegalese start-up that wants to reinvent educational courses. Since a lot of people have mobile phones, it would use them, develop augmented reality courses and participate in children’s education.”