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Thematics :

Catherine Karyotis, Stéphane Dubreuille and Stéphane Fourneaux, professors in the Finance Department and Jean-Marc Béguin, Jean-Christian Mazzoni, speakers at NEOMA BS, published “Aide-mémoire - Gestion de patrimoine” (Aide-Mémoire – Wealth Management) through Dunod publishing house in June 2017.

Editor’s preface

This aide-mémoire helps you to absorb all the concepts that are vital to wealth management. Clear and concise, the book will help you to:
•    contextualize the skill in a fiscal and legal background;
•    understand the technicality in banking products and capital markets with a focus on portfolio management;
•    learn the key components in real estate investment;
•    understand pension systems.

All of the fundamental aspects are explained by specialists who’ve combined their technical knowledge and their teaching experience in introductory training and continued education. The many charts and figures make it easy to memorise reasoning patterns and locate essential information.