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Welcome to France! At NEOMA it’s now official

Published on 07 January 2021 by NEOMA

  • Student Support (TCDU, HUB, SA)

NEOMA has been awarded the third and highest level of ‘Bienvenue en France’ or ‘Welcome to France’ certification. This testifies to the quality of the welcome and support for international students on the campuses.

Awarded by Campus France, ‘Bienvenue en France’ certification evaluates institutions on the arrangements put in place to welcome international students. NEOMA has satisfied all the criteria assessed:

  • Quality and accessibility of information
  • Quality and accessibility of welcome arrangements
  • Accessibility of and support for teaching
  • Accommodation and quality of life on the campuses
  • Quality of post-qualification monitoring

The NEOMA community can’t wait to welcome students from all over the world!

Welcome to NEOMA Business School!

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