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Thematics :

How can art and culture benefit the world of business? To what extent could the theatre promote innovation and management? The book Art, Culture & Management, released in November 2022 by Pearson publishing, explores the possible exchanges between these two realms.

In the first section, the book highlights the influence of art and culture on the business world:

  • curiosity as a force in the creative process
  • fantasy as a source of inspiration, innovation and management
  • theatre therapy to strengthen leadership skills
  • improvisational theatre supporting innovation
  • the body and emotions as powerful tools for management
  • art supporting well-being and performance to build the office of tomorrow


In the second section, the book emphasises the special features of the cultural sector:

  • transformations in the publishing/book economy
  • legal and fiscal structures of cultural activities
  • resurgence of cultural and performing arts venues, injected by new technologies
  • the upheaval facing Hollywood due to the advent of viewing/streaming platforms and the changes in the film industry
  • film consumption in France during the pandemic 
  • jazz performance as a phenomenon of resistance against the mass production industry


Link to the publishing house to buy the book


Several authors contributed to the book Art, Culture and Management:

Elina Badetz (MBA ’00) | director of tertiary services at EDF
Edgar Bellow | associate professor at NEOMA BS

David Bitton (MiM ’94) | founder of DB&A
Sébastien Dubois | professor in the Strategy department at NEOMA BS
Sarah Farhat (Cesem ’10) | lawyer at the Paris Bar, Delsol

Lotfi Hamzi (MBA ’12) | professor at Neoma BS, head of the Strategy and Entrepreneurship department
Nathalie Hecker (MiM ’88) | co-founder of Murs Porteurs
Jean-Michel Huet (MiM ’97) | associate at BearingPoint
Valery Michaux | Professor of strategy at Neoma BS

Carlos Rabasso | associate professor at NEOMA Business School
Javier Rabasso | university lecturer (HDR) Literature and Humanities department at Université de Rouen
Valérie Riou | Trends and future insight director at Orange

Eglantine Tancray (MiM ’00) CEO of Taylor River
Anne-Cécile Thibault (MS ’08) | director of communication and digital marketing at Carrere
Gaétan Trigot (MiM ’17) | producer at Pentacle Productions
Christelle Vandrille (BSc ’99) | founder of Com’ Nyima

Preface by Jean-Victor Clerico (MiM ’12), general director of the Moulin Rouge Paris


All royalties are donated to the NEOMA Foundation.

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