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On Monday 16 October, the Executive Education team and MELTIS, its new subsidiary, organised a conference at the Stade Français on the shared values of rugby and management. Here’s a look back at this great evening, which brought together nearly 100 participants and prestigious speakers.

On the occasion of the Rugby World Cup, Stéphane Dubreuille, Director of Executive Education, and his NEOMA and MELTIS teams, invited their partners, clients and prospects to a conference entitled “Confidence & Leadership: How to turn the tide in your organisations”.

Held at the famous Stade Français, the event brought together a number of prestigious speakers: Thomas Lombard, Managing Director of the Stade Français, Laurent Gontard, HR Development Director of the Stelliant Group, and Coumba Diallo, a player on the French women’s national team.

During their rich and interactive exchanges with the audience, the three speakers explored and discussed the lessons that can be learned from the values of rugby and how they can be transposed to the business world, to help teams achieve their best performance in a serene and determined collective state of mind,” explains Stéphane Dubreuille. Director of Executive Education, NEOMA.

Nearly 100 participants were present to discuss the concepts of leadership, confidence and commitment, and benefited from a wide range of ideas that inspired the following best practices:


  • Encouraging adaptability as an essential skill, going beyond technical skills to foster a culture of continual learning.
  • Finding one’s core purpose as a way of overcoming obstacles, feeding one’s inner fire and feeling committed.

Confidence in the team: 

  • Emphasising the creation of shared projects and objectives, with a focus on transparency and collaboration.
  • Developing individual leadership to create an environment where trust and collaborative decision-making are encouraged.

Confidence in the organisation: 

  • Cultivating a sense of belonging by empowering everyone to act as a key player within the company.
  • Focusing on employees’ mental well-being by providing clear guidelines, thereby fostering an environment conducive to trust and growth.
  • Building a culture of strong feedback.

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