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The prestigious Maison Christian Dior has selected 7 IMLux and MSc Luxury Marketing students to join its mentoring programme. Delighted, they explain to us what they hope to gain from the career support they are to receive.

Created in 2017, the Women@Dior student mentoring programme for Dior and LVMH Group partner schools centres on four fundamental values: autonomy, inclusion, creativity and sustainable development. “Only 4 of the 10 students we presented to join the new class were to be retained by Dior, but their profiles were so interesting that the selection panel finally decided to take seven NEOMA students, which is truly exceptional,” says Nora Fuentes, Partnership Development & Corporate Relations Manager.

As they prepare to start their mentoring programme with Maison Dior employees, the 7 students speak about their thoughts and expectations:


Chiara Riezzo, IMLux

Being a mentee for Women@Dior is important to me because, by joining the program, I want to help to create a world in which young women own themselves and their career destiny. What I look forward to the most is learning from a young Dior talent and starting to build my professional path.”

Yanin Kalil, MSc Luxury Marketing

“Becoming a mentee for the UNESCO & Women@Dior: Women Leadership & Sustainability program is both an honor and an exciting challenge which I believe will allow me to expand my horizons, meet new people who share my same values, and learn from the best. I am looking forward to contributing to a sustainable future and doing so alongside empowered women who believe in their dreams.”

Emily Caslin, IMLux

“I am delighted to be chosen for the women@dior program, a program that teaches young women about the importance of ethically conscious values, sisterhood, and inclusivity and leadership. As part of this mentorship, I am most looking forward to further developing myself and realising my potential as a young professional in the luxury industry amongst other likeminded women.“

Esmeralda Zitty, MSc Luxury Marketing

“Being a Women@Dior &Unesco mentee is a real honor because I truly believe in and share the values embodied by the program, namely diversity, ambition, sharing and self-confidence. It is an incredible opportunity that will help me take the next step in my career, build a great network, develop my creativity and be inspired by talented leaders and extraordinary women from around the world.”

 Gayathri Anil, MSc Luxury Marketing

“Being a UNESCO x Women@Dior mentee is important to me because self-acceptance, self-care, body positivity, gender equality, freedom to dream and to pursue them, inclusion and diversity are all values that are of core importance to me as an individual mainly because of my life experiences and the culture I was brought up in at India and I can strongly resonate to the values that the UNESCO x Women@Dior is built on. Being mentored by and being a part of the sisterhood at UNESCO x Women@Dior, I expect to evolve into a strong, motivated, and responsible human and then a leader, learn from inspiring women, bring even the tiniest difference in the life of girls and women by helping them to dream and pursue those dreams, and build a happy future for them along with like-minded sorority at UNESCO x Women@Dior.”

Apoorva Panwal, IMLux

“I have always believed that, ‘Girls with dreams become women with vision’. Being a mentee of such a prestigious Women@Dior program would spur personal growth while touching the lives of other women and eventually make a difference in the society”



Manpreet KAUR, IMLux

“I’m truly grateful for the prodigious opportunity to be a part of the Women@Dior community and be able to share an exclusive relationship with one of the Dior mentors on topics of sustainability, diversity and inclusion. I believe that this program will render me with most enriching experience from a community of talented women all around the world with various foundations and experiences to share with us.”