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Thursday, March 8, is a high point for the feminist cause. However, aside from International Women’s Day, the subject of inequality between the sexes concerns NEOMA BS and its entire environment. It is an issue that benefits from the School and the students’ yearlong involvement.

As an actor for change, NEOMA Business School supports numerous actions associated with the issue of inequality between the sexes. A leitmotiv: bring change to short, medium and long-term social behaviours.

Inequalities exist. It’s a reality,” explains Aniéla Mlynarczyk, President of the HeForShe association at NEOMA BS Reims. “Our goal is to make NEOMA BS students understand the inequalities that exist between men and women.
The HeForShe association supports the feminist cause on the Reims and Rouen campuses. Behind this title is a solidarity campaign for equality between the sexes launched by the UN Women in 2014. The idea is to actively involve men in this cause and its fight. “It would be easy to think that the struggle for gender equality has been won because equality is written into law. However, in reality, inequalities continue to exist due to different mentalities. There is an enormous amount of awareness-raising work to be done in all areas of society to ensure that certain things that appear normal today are dismissed and removed.” A key point in 2018 is Equality Week with numerous speeches and discussions held on the subject from March 5 to 9. Its goal is to be more incisive and impactful to make people pay attention. “The School now educates men and women who will be the leaders of tomorrow’s economic world. Therefore, it is important that the same men and women are aware of this issue.”

Working hand in hand with the School

The School is wholly concerned with gender equality. Moreover, HeForShe works hand in hand with the gender equality representative at NEOMA BS, Lise Werle. She is the liaison for actions with the association as well as for any communications connected to this issue that are made to the students and staff at the school. From a pedagogic standpoint, certain professors are tackling the problem on their own. Such is the case for Aicha Serghini Idrissi, a professor of gender studies, diversity and intersectionality. In each of her courses, the professor shares with her students the latest research conducted on the gender inequality existing in the professional world. It is the best way to continue to talk about an issue that should not exist today.